Friday, May 16, 2014

edx-platform - Activation link when registering account from CMS after 05/16/2014 update

This morning, after I ran an update for our Open edX instance, the activation link when registering from CMS was 'localhost' even though the EDXAPP_SITE_NAME variable was set to ''.

After a while looking around the ansible playbooks of the configuration repo, I figured out why. There were some changes with the main configuration file which caused the issue:

They are:

EDXAPP_SITE_NAME: 'localhost'

So, I had to add EDXAPP_CMS_SITE_NAME variable in /edx/app/edx_ansible/server-vars.yml and ran the update script again:


For now, the EDXAPP_CMS_SITE_NAME have to be the same with EDXAPP_SITE_NAME or the activation link will not work.