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Playing with Vault

Like many other products HashiCorp [1] has brought to the world (remember Vagrant [2]?), Vault [3] is great and useful. It helps you to manage secrets and protect sensitive data (I know some company even use it to store their application's configurations) and it's open source [4]!!! Obviously, the easiest way to check it out these days is using Docker container. I tried these following steps and it works (vault v1.1.3). 1. Create a working directory for vault to store data $ mkdir vault 2. Inside vault dir, create another directory to store its configuration $ cd vault $ mkdir config 3. Create the configuration file inside the config dir and name it vault.json $ cd config $ nano vault.json {   "backend": {     "file": {       "path": "/vault/file"     }   },   "listener": {     "tcp":{       "address": "",       "tls_disable": 1     }   },   &qu