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Exclude a service from being auto sidecar injected by istio

As you may know, you can enable automatic sidecar injection for a specific namespace with istio: kubectl label namespace ABC istio-injection=enabled It means that every new service deployed in the ABC namespace will be injected with an Envoy sidecar. In case you don't want a specific service such as MyService to be controlled by Istio, you can set the annotation ' ' to ' false '. For example: References:

How to clean up Kong-Ingress-Controller

You can use this following shell script that I wrote a couple days ago to clean up Kong-Ingress-Controller:

"Searchlight for U" at the Korea&Vietnam OpenInfra User Group meetup

Last night, in a cozy conference room in Seoul, South Korea, I had had a very friendly meetup with the OpenStack Korea User Group with around ten or so people. I and Sa Pham, the Vietnam OpenInfra User Group representatives, were there to share our experiences on OpenStack and networking with others. This is not my first time with the Korea User Group but meeting people working on open source projects or want to learn about OpenInfra technologies made me super excited. Like last time, I had a brief presentation about OpenStack Searchlight showing folks what was going on and my plan for the Ussuri development cycle. And, that is why the title of my talk is "Searchlight for U". Even though in Train, I had not put much effort into Searchlight but while presenting people the progress, I was amazed how far we have gone. I had been Searchlight's PTL for two cycles and now one more time. Hopefully, I could move the project forward with some real-world adaptation, use case