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Up and Running with Red Hat CodeReady Workspace IDE

Just another IDE? Yeah, you got it right, just another IDE. But this time, It's a special IDE designed for the Kubernetes developers. CodeReady Workspace IDE [1] includes tools and the dependencies that are needed to code, build, test, run, and debug the applications that run inside your Kubernetes clusters. It's hard to find the getting started guides in the Red Hat developer page so I tried and note it down here.
A. First, you need to have a running OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) instance Right now CodeReady Workspace only works inside the OCP as far as I know [2] (there may be hackers out there know how to make it work in other platforms). The easiest way is to use the Red Hat Container Development Kit (CDK) [3] which helps you to have a smaller scale version of the OCP up and running, the minishift [4]. And, in order to install the CDK successfully, the recommended way is to install it inside a Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) server, register a Red Hat Developer account…
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Searchlight weekly report - Stein R-12,11,10,9

For the last four weeks, we're working on hardening our multi-vision and preparing for the Open Infrastructure Summit in Denver this April [1]. The team had submitted one session to discuss and showcase our progress on implementing the multi-cloud features [2] and waiting for voting results.

For the Denver summit, we decided to give a demonstration of Searchlight that has:

Search resources across multiple OpenStack Clouds [3]Frontend UI that adds the views for multi-cloud search [4]
So, from now to before the summit, we will focus on developing the [3] and [4] features for Searchlight. For more details about our multi-cloud vision for Searchlight, please have a look at [5].

Btw, It's the Lunar New Year now in Viet Nam. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


[5] https://et…

VietOpenInfra third webinar - 14th Jan. 2019

Yay, finally after the new year holiday we can organize the third upstream training webinar for OpenStack developers in Vietnam [1]. This time we invited Kendall Nelson [2], Upstream Developer Advocate for the OpenStack Foundation, to teach us about the Storyboard [3] and Launchpad [4] task management tools (she's also one of the core developers of the Storyboard project).

We first started with the Jitsi conferencing platform [5] but we could not communicate with Kendall (in the US) for some reason. So, we decided to switch back to Zoom [6] and everything went well after that. There were about 12 people attended the webinar and we had a good conversation with Kendall about some aspects of Storyboard which is quite new to some users. You can check out the conversation (log chat) here [7]. Below is the recorded video:

We would like to say thanks to Kendall Nelson for her kind acceptance to teach us this time even though the schedule was pretty early for her (6AM her time). We learn…

Searchlight at Stein-2 (R-14 & R-13)

Finally, we have reached the Stein-2 milestone. Over the past three months, we have been working on clarifying the use cases of Searchlight as well as envisioning a sustainable future for Searchlight. We decided to make the project a multi-cloud application that can provide search capacity across multiple cloud orchestration platforms (e.g., AWS, Azure, K8S, etc.). The effort was made possible by the contribution of Thuy Dang (our newest core member) and Sa Pham [3]. You can check out the documents at [4].

The projects are versioned as following:
searchlight: python-searchlightclient wasn't released in this milestone because there were no big changes.

Here are the major changes included in this release:
Searchlight use cases and vision [1]Fix bug [2] Let's searching!!!



VietOpenInfra Meetup #20 29th Dec. 2018

Last Saturday, in an effort to advocate for the open infrastructure initiative, I went back to Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam, to organize the 20th meetup of the VietOpenInfra group. Usually, the event took place in Ha Noi where most of the Vietnamese OpenStackers are. But this time, we would want to expand the community to the South because we know there are a lot of open infrastructure enthusiasts here and this could be a great chance for us to strengthen the community across the country.

There were about 15 people sitting in a nice conference room of a coffee shop sharing what they are working on. We had one member of the VietOpenInfra board traveled here to discuss what the group achieved last year (2018). I also had a talk about my plan for OpenStack Searchlight and what it means to build a universal search interface for the cloud. The disaster recovery and k8s topics also got huge attention from the audience when the speakers sharing some interesting real-life experience.

Even thou…

Searchlight weekly report - Stein R-16 & R-15

I'd been focusing on the community work for the last two weeks. On 29th December, I went to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to organize the meetup with the VietOpenInfra group [1]. The event went great and I had a chance to discuss with people there about the future of Searchlight [2]. A roadmap for Searchlight was also drafted when I was at the meetup that said making Searchlight a universal search service for the cloud. My initial idea is to make Searchlight work with K8S, AWS, and Azure.

With the new plan, I can also start writing the use cases for Searchlight and finish the Stein-2 milestone [3] the following week.

Searchlight weekly report - Stein R-17

I finished the tasks at work earlier this week so I can have free time to write this week report for Searchlight. The main focus of this week is to help Searchlight pass functional tests. After several attempts, I figured out that the functional tests fail because for some reasons ElasticSearch needs more time to start. So what I did is to tell the test set to wait 10 seconds before ElasticSearch to fully up and running [1]. I also updated some packages and simplified the script by moving the jdk8 installation logic out to the bindep.txt [2] [3].

Looking deeper into the issue, I can observe that ElasticSearch has some strange behavior in the new test environment which is Ubuntu 18.04. The ElasticSearch installation task in the devstack test also fails [4]. I'm not sure what happened with the packages of Ubuntu but maybe we need to tune the test setup for ElasticSearch to make it work again.

Anyway, we can merge new code of Searchlight now!! Yay!!!


[1] http…