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Searchlight RC1 released

Yahooo!!! We just released Searchlight Stein RC1 last week [1][2]. The stable/stein branch has been created for all of the projects. Here are the versions: - searchlight: - searchlight-ui: - python-searchlightclient: 1.5.0 Moreover, we also added some highlights for Searchlight in this Stein cycle  [3]. There will be not much going on for the rest of the cycle, only minor changes. And, since we're busy preparing for the next term with more features to fulfill the Searchlight's vision [4], we will focus on designing the architecture and make Searchlight more stable. BTW, I will continue serving as Searchlight's PTL for Train :) So, let's rock it!!! References: [1] [2] [3] [4]

Searchlight at Stein-3 (R-8,7,6)

Yahoo!!! We reached the Stein-3 (Stein R-5) [13] which is a very important milestone [11]. During this week, there are a couple of events (Searchlight related) will happen including: Feature freeze : we have some features are being developed and expected to release them at Stein R-1. Final release for client libraries : at this point, I can tell there would be no more major changes of the python-searchlightclient Stein community goals completed : Searchlight runs tests under Python 3 by default and has a basic framework for pre-upgrade checks. Train PTL self-nomination : I would say that I will run for another term as Searchlight PTL in order to build a foundation for the multi-cloud vision of Searchlight. Following are the major changes we made at Stein-3: TC vision reflection [1]: this is a good practice to compare Searchlight vision with the TC vision [12] to make sure the team is going in the right direction which designed by the OpenStack community. Replace httpli