Searchlight at Stein-3 (R-8,7,6)

Yahoo!!! We reached the Stein-3 (Stein R-5) [13] which is a very important milestone [11]. During this week, there are a couple of events (Searchlight related) will happen including:
  • Feature freeze: we have some features are being developed and expected to release them at Stein R-1.
  • Final release for client libraries: at this point, I can tell there would be no more major changes of the python-searchlightclient
  • Stein community goals completed: Searchlight runs tests under Python 3 by default and has a basic framework for pre-upgrade checks.
  • Train PTL self-nomination: I would say that I will run for another term as Searchlight PTL in order to build a foundation for the multi-cloud vision of Searchlight.
Following are the major changes we made at Stein-3:
  • TC vision reflection [1]: this is a good practice to compare Searchlight vision with the TC vision [12] to make sure the team is going in the right direction which designed by the OpenStack community.
  • Replace httplib2 with requests [2]: this is to make the functional tests more stable by tweaking the Elasticsearch setup.
  • Add python 3.7 unit test job [6] [7] [8]
And, they are some on-going tasks that we hope to finish in a couple more weeks.
  • Docker deployment sample [3]
  • Tacker plugin blueprint [4], and implementation [10]
  • Multiple OpenStack support [5]
Keep moving forward!!!