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edx-platform - How to make SMTP work on your Open EdX instance the proper way

There were several threads in the Open EdX mailing list asking about how to make the email working. But, it seams like there is no proper instructions out there to help people. So, I decided to write something about that. Firstly, there are 3 simple things to keep in mind: All the authentication information should be kept privately. If you add them to the edx-platform source files there will be conflicts when you upgrade or pull from master/branches. So, the best place to keep all the settings for all your Open edX applications is /edx/app/edx_ansible/server-vars.yml .  0. Checkout all of your modification on: (to avoid source code conflicts) cms/envs/ lms/envs/ cms.env.json cms.auth.json lms.env.json lms.auth.json 1. Create  server-vars.yml   in  / edx/app/edx_ansible/ 2. Add these following variables to server-vars.yml with your SMTP information: EDXAPP_EMAIL_BACKEND: 'django.core.mail.backends. smtp.EmailBackend' EDXAPP_EMAIL_HOST: 'localho

How to merge pdf pages horizontally in Ubuntu using pdfjam

To merge single-page pdf files horizontally, you can use pdfjam command line tool in Ubuntu: 1. Install pdfjam: $ sudo apt-get install pdfjam 2. Merge page1.pdf and page2.pdf (all are single page pdf files) horizontally: $ pdfjam page1.pdf page2.pdf --papersize '{21cm,29.7cm}' --nup 2x1 --landscape --outfile myoutput.pdf page1.pdf will be on the left, and page2.pdf will be on the right side of the output pdf file. Pretty neat!!!

How to split pdf pages in Ubuntu using pdftk

You can use this command to split pdf pages in Ubuntu: pdftk <original file name>.pdf cat <page number> output <output file name>.pdf Example: get page number 2 from the original pdf: pdftk mydoc.pdf cat 2 output page2.pdf