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Searchlight for Train

(source: ) As we are reaching the final weeks of the Stein cycle, I would like to discuss a little bit about what we've done in Stein and planning for the Train cycle. Stein cycle highlights as putting in [1]: Searchlight now works with Elasticsearch 5.x We have released a new vision to make Searchlight a multi-cloud application [2]. Moreover, we did a comparison of our vision and the OpenStack clouds vision Functional test setup has been improved Searchlight now can work and be tested with Python 3.7 And for the Train cycle, we would like to accomplish these main goals to fulfill the vision: Make searchlight work with multiple cloud platforms including multiple OpenStack clouds [6], Azure [9], Google Cloud [10], AWS [11].  Add support for other OpenStack resources: Tacker [7], Octavia [8] Deprecate support for Elasticsearch 2.x [5] There is a lot of work to be done so I would continue putting effort to