Searchlight for Train

As we are reaching the final weeks of the Stein cycle, I would like to discuss a little bit about what we've done in Stein and planning for the Train cycle.

Stein cycle highlights as putting in [1]:
  • Searchlight now works with Elasticsearch 5.x
  • We have released a new vision to make Searchlight a multi-cloud application [2]. Moreover, we did a comparison of our vision and the OpenStack clouds vision
  • Functional test setup has been improved
  • Searchlight now can work and be tested with Python 3.7
And for the Train cycle, we would like to accomplish these main goals to fulfill the vision:
  • Make searchlight work with multiple cloud platforms including multiple OpenStack clouds [6], Azure [9], Google Cloud [10], AWS [11]. 
  • Add support for other OpenStack resources: Tacker [7], Octavia [8]
  • Deprecate support for Elasticsearch 2.x [5]
There is a lot of work to be done so I would continue putting effort to encourage new contributors to Searchlight and explore the values it could bring the world.

Let's rock it!!!