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Searchlight weekly report - Stein R-22

Just one week before the Berlin Summit [1], we could finally review and merge some old patches:
Make search settings themeable and simpler [2]Add Favorites ability for search queries [3]Add cover job for searchlight [4]Add Searchlight status upgrade check [5]Remove i18n.enable_lazy() call from searchlight.cmd (this fixes a bug of [5]) [6]Add cover job for python-searchlightclient [7]Fix tox coverage test of python-searchlightclient ([7] depends on this) [8] For the next couple weeks, we will continue working on developing the use cases for Searchlight.
Greatness is coming!!!!


Viet OpenStack first webinar 5 Nov. 2018

Yesterday, 5 November 2018, at 21:00 UTC+7, about 25 Vietnamese developers attended the very first webinar of the Vietnam OpenStack User Group [1]. This is part of a series of Upstream Contribution Training based on the OpenStack Upstream Institute [2]. The topic is "How to contribute to OpenStack". Our target is to guide new and potential developers to understand the development process of OpenStack and how they are governed.

The webinar was planned to do in Google Hang Out but with the free version, only maximum 10 people can join the video call. So, we decided to use Zoom [3]. But, because it limits to 45m per meeting for the free account, we did 2 sessions for the webinar. Thank the proactive and supports of the Vietnam OpenStack User Group administrators, the webinar went very well. Whatever works.

I uploaded the training's content on GitHub [4] and will update it based on the attendee's feedbacks. A couple feedbacks I got after the webinar are:
Should have exer…

Searchlight weekly report - Stein R-23

The week after Stein-1 milestone is a little bit quiet. There are only some trivial fix on spec typos, tox version, etc. 
The main target of Stein-2 milestone for Searchlight is to develop the use cases so that Searchlight can attract more users as well as contributors. The effort is lead by Thuy Dang [1]. Also, we need to keep up with the community's goal, the upgrade checker. The effort is being processed by the goal's champion [2]. I will review and merge the patch this week if it goes well.

[1]!/story/2004178 [2]

At the OpenInfra Day in Vietnam 25th August 2018

Last August in Hanoi, I have had a chance to talk to the OpenStack Vietnam User Group (VietStack) about container monitoring as well as welcome contributors to the Searchlight project. The OpenInfa Day [1] was great and I made friends with many awesome OpenStack developers. You can check out the presentation slides here [2].