Searchlight weekly report - Stein R-21

Everybody was quite busy with the OpenStack Berlin Summit this week so nothing big happened. There're only a few things worth mentioned:

  • Looks like the 2 core reviews lei-zh and Kevin_Zheng don't have time for Searchlight anymore
  • Fortunately, sapd1 agreed to contribute to Searchlight project more frequently, at least for the Stein cycle
  • To welcome new contributors, we changed the meeting time [1]. And we had a meeting today with sapd1 and me [2]
  • We agreed to make a use case for Searchlight with external resources such as K8S [2]
  • sapd1 want to make a plugin for Octavia [2]
  • We also agreed to move the search bar of Searchlight to the top of the Horizon dashboard [3]

I'm waiting for a new area of Searchlight!!! \m/\m/\m/