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Searchlight weekly report - Stein R-26

It's been a busy week so there's not much work has been done this week (Stein R26, Oct 08-12). Here is some news from the community this week that somewhat affects the Searchlight project:
Assigning new liaisons to projects: basically, the TC will assign who takes care of which project. That person will update on this page the project's statuses, important activities etc.Proposed changes for library releases: in short, for each cycle-with-intermediary library deliverable, if it was not released during that milestone timeframe, the release team would automatically generate a release request early in the week of the milestone deadline.Proposed changes for cycle-with-milestones deliverables: to summarize the discussion:No longer be required to request a release for each milestoneBeta releases would be optionalRelease candidates would still require a tag. Need PTL or release liaison's "+1"Requiring a person for each team to add their name to a "manifest"…

Searchlight weekly report - Stein R-27

I think it's good to have a weekly report for others to know what is going on with Searchlight. So from now on, I will write a weekly report every Saturday starting this week as well as setting the goals for next week.

During the week of Oct 1 - Oct 5 or Stein R-27 we have fixed one big bug and several minor things:

1. The bug:nodejs-npm-run-test failed on master

Fix merged:

2. Minor changes:
openstack/searchlightReplace Chinese quotes with English quotesopenstack/searchlight-ui:Update .gitignoreDeprecated error methodAdd Searchlight Policy READMECorrect project git urls Our goals for the week of Oct 08 - Oct 12 or Stein R-26 are:
1. Complete these stories: Search panel links not operational for some resource typesSearchlight UI Increase Visibility of search syntax helpNormalized fields policySL-UI: Loading of search terms fails after relocate2. Draft at least one use case of Searchlight