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I don't wanna miss a thing


Searchlight at Stein-1

At the last vPTG [1], the Searchlight team decided to do a release for Searchlight projects at the Stein-1 milestone. Even though a discussion of the release management team has agreed to move the 'cycle-with-milestones' to 'cycle-with-rc' model [5], we still need to release this time to evaluate our effort of reviving Searchlight. And finally, we reached the milestone, and today I was doing a release. The patch is being reviewed on gerrit [2].

The projects are versioned as following:
searchlight: 1.4.0 Here are the features and fixes included in this release:
ES 5.x support [3]Fix bugsVersioned Nova notifications [4]tox use py3 by defaultDocs clean up Awesome!!!!


Searchlight weekly report - Stein R-25

There were a couple activities of the Searchlight team last week which are:

Making Searchlight work with the versioned Nova notifications [1]: This feature originated from a Nova feature [4] proposed for the Pike release but could not be done at that time. At the last vPTG [5], the Searchlight team decided to include this feature in the Stein cycle.Change python3.5 job to python3.7 job on Stein+ [2]: because the conversation about this [6] is still going on so we want to wait a little bit.Talk at the OpenStack Korea User Group on 19th Oct. in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea [3]: I was trying to tell everybody the story of Searchlight and why it needs more contributors. The impression was good. That's it for last week. At the end this week, we have to release searchlight, python-searchlightclient, searchlight-ui for the Stein-1 milestone. It is not required but I would want to do it to evaluate our effort in the new cycle of OpenStack.


[1] https://review.openstac…

At the OpenStack Korea User Group last Friday (19 Oct 2018)

Last Friday, I had an opportunity to tell the story of Searchlight to the OpenStack Korea User Group in Seoul. My ultimate goal is to attract new contributors and to revive Searchlight. In just 30 minutes I worked people through the history of Searchlight, its architecture, and the current situation. Everybody seems to get the idea of why Searchlight needs their help. Even though not all of the attendants could understand my English, with the help of Ian Y. Choi, the organizer, and core of the OpenStack Docs and I18N team, the communication was great. Hopefully, I will have another chance to discuss with everybody more about Searchlight.
Check out the slides here:

Searchlight weekly report - Stein R-26

It's been a busy week so there's not much work has been done this week (Stein R26, Oct 08-12). Here is some news from the community this week that somewhat affects the Searchlight project:
Assigning new liaisons to projects: basically, the TC will assign who takes care of which project. That person will update on this page the project's statuses, important activities etc.Proposed changes for library releases: in short, for each cycle-with-intermediary library deliverable, if it was not released during that milestone timeframe, the release team would automatically generate a release request early in the week of the milestone deadline.Proposed changes for cycle-with-milestones deliverables: to summarize the discussion:No longer be required to request a release for each milestoneBeta releases would be optionalRelease candidates would still require a tag. Need PTL or release liaison's "+1"Requiring a person for each team to add their name to a "manifest"…

Searchlight weekly report - Stein R-27

I think it's good to have a weekly report for others to know what is going on with Searchlight. So from now on, I will write a weekly report every Saturday starting this week as well as setting the goals for next week.

During the week of Oct 1 - Oct 5 or Stein R-27 we have fixed one big bug and several minor things:

1. The bug:nodejs-npm-run-test failed on master

Fix merged:

2. Minor changes:
openstack/searchlightReplace Chinese quotes with English quotesopenstack/searchlight-ui:Update .gitignoreDeprecated error methodAdd Searchlight Policy READMECorrect project git urls Our goals for the week of Oct 08 - Oct 12 or Stein R-26 are:
1. Complete these stories: Search panel links not operational for some resource typesSearchlight UI Increase Visibility of search syntax helpNormalized fields policySL-UI: Loading of search terms fails after relocate2. Draft at least one use case of Searchlight