Searchlight weekly report - Stein R-26

It's been a busy week so there's not much work has been done this week (Stein R26, Oct 08-12). Here is some news from the community this week that somewhat affects the Searchlight project:
  • Assigning new liaisons to projects: basically, the TC will assign who takes care of which project. That person will update on this page the project's statuses, important activities etc.
  • Proposed changes for library releases: in short, for each cycle-with-intermediary library deliverable, if it was not released during that milestone timeframe, the release team would automatically generate a release request early in the week of the milestone deadline.
  • Proposed changes for cycle-with-milestones deliverables: to summarize the discussion:
    • No longer be required to request a release for each milestone
    • Beta releases would be optional
    • Release candidates would still require a tag. Need PTL or release liaison's "+1"
    • Requiring a person for each team to add their name to a "manifest" of sorts for the release cycle
    • Rename the cycle-with-milestones release model to something like cycle-with-rc

This week we will continue working on these tasks:

1. Complete these stories: