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Searchlight weekly report - Stein R-17

I finished the tasks at work earlier this week so I can have free time to write this week report for Searchlight. The main focus of this week is to help Searchlight pass functional tests. After several attempts, I figured out that the functional tests fail because for some reasons ElasticSearch needs more time to start. So what I did is to tell the test set to wait 10 seconds before ElasticSearch to fully up and running [1]. I also updated some packages and simplified the script by moving the jdk8 installation logic out to the bindep.txt [2] [3]. Looking deeper into the issue, I can observe that ElasticSearch has some strange behavior in the new test environment which is Ubuntu 18.04. The ElasticSearch installation task in the devstack test also fails [4]. I'm not sure what happened with the packages of Ubuntu but maybe we need to tune the test setup for ElasticSearch to make it work again. Anyway, we can merge new code of Searchlight now!! Yay!!! Reference:

Searchlight weekly report - Stein R-19 & R-18

For the last 2 weeks, Stein R-19 and R-18, We're focusing on fixing a bug that fails most of Searchlight's functional tests. And, it's blocking Searchlight because if the tests are not passed, we can not merge anything new. We can identify the reason that is ElasticSearch instance for the functional tests cannot be started. I'm trying to tune the functional test setup [1] to make it work but seems there is still more work to do. I also work with the people at the OpenStack Infrastructure to see what could be a real problem. Hopefully, we can fix it at the end of this week. [1]

Viet OpenStack (now renamed Viet OpenInfa) second webinar 10 Dec. 2018

Yes, we did it, the second OpenStack Upstream Contribution webinar. This time we focused on debugging tips and tricks for first-time developers. We also had time to introduce some of the great tools such as Zuul CI [1] (and how to use the Zuul status page [2] to keep track of running tasks), ARA report [3], and tox [4] etc. During the session, attendees had shared some great experience when debugging OpenStack projects (e.g., how to read logs, use ide, etc.). And,  a lot of good questions has been raised such as how to use ipdb [7] to debug running services (using ipdb to debug is quite hardcore I think :)) etc. You can check out this GitHub link [5] for chat logs and other materials. I want to say thanks to all the people at the Jitsi open source project [6] that provides a great conferencing platform for us. We were able to have video discussion smoothly without any limitation or interruption and the experience was so great. Watch the recorded video here: