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Searchlight at Denver Summit 2019

In the last summit (Denver, CO), the Searchlight team had an opportunity to introduce its cool stuff to everyone. Due to the visa issues, there only one out of three members can come to the US. Thuy Dang, one of the core tea,, delivered the presentation and had a great conversation with the other community members. The key points you can take out from the Project Update [1] and Project Onboarding [2] sessions are: Review of Searchlight current status: 3 active contributors Features introduced in Stein: support ES 5.x, bug fixes, multi-cloud vision Features for Train: multi-cloud support, new resource indexed (e.g., Tacker, Octavia, etc.) Introduce different ways you can contribute to Searchlight. Hopefully, after the summit, there will be more contributors interested in Searchlight. You can check out the slides for Project Update [4] and Project Onboarding [5]. Even though there were not many people attend the sessions, Thuy had had a great chance talking to some of