Searchlight at Stein-1

At the last vPTG [1], the Searchlight team decided to do a release for Searchlight projects at the Stein-1 milestone. Even though a discussion of the release management team has agreed to move the 'cycle-with-milestones' to 'cycle-with-rc' model [5], we still need to release this time to evaluate our effort of reviving Searchlight. And finally, we reached the milestone, and today I was doing a release. The patch is being reviewed on gerrit [2].

The projects are versioned as following:
  • searchlight:
  • searchlight-ui:
  • python-searchlightclient: 1.4.0
Here are the features and fixes included in this release:
  • ES 5.x support [3]
  • Fix bugs
  • Versioned Nova notifications [4]
  • tox use py3 by default
  • Docs clean up


Update 31st Oct, 2018: Searchlight Stein-1 released!!!! wwoohuu!!! \m/\m/\m/