Searchlight weekly report - Stein R-25

There were a couple activities of the Searchlight team last week which are:

  • Making Searchlight work with the versioned Nova notifications [1]: This feature originated from a Nova feature [4] proposed for the Pike release but could not be done at that time. At the last vPTG [5], the Searchlight team decided to include this feature in the Stein cycle.
  • Change python3.5 job to python3.7 job on Stein+ [2]: because the conversation about this [6] is still going on so we want to wait a little bit.
  • Talk at the OpenStack Korea User Group on 19th Oct. in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea [3]: I was trying to tell everybody the story of Searchlight and why it needs more contributors. The impression was good.
That's it for last week. At the end this week, we have to release searchlight, python-searchlightclient, searchlight-ui for the Stein-1 milestone. It is not required but I would want to do it to evaluate our effort in the new cycle of OpenStack.