Searchlight vPTG summary

Yesterday, 20 Sep, the Searchlight team had had a virtual PTG on Google HangOut [0] to discuss some topics [1] about the future of Searchlight. The attendees are Zhenyu Zheng (Kevin_Zheng), Thuy Dang (thuydang), and me (dangtrinhnt).

We had gone through a couple of topics including:

  • Welcome new member

We are very happy to welcome thuydang to the Searchlight team.

  • Review the works so far

Most of the bugs and patches have been cleaned up. Some features especially ElasticSearch 5.x support [3] has been added to Searchlight.

  • Next milestone release

We decided to release stein-1 (22-26 Oct 2018) with these following:

    - ES 5.x support [3]: merged
    - Fix bugs: merged + new
    - Versioned Nova notifications [4]: Zhenyu will work on this
    - tox use py3 by default: merged
    - docs clean up: merged

  • Add use cases

The Searchlight team will develop the use cases for Searchlight in order to attract more users and contributors. Some of the use case documentation is planned to be released at Stein-2 (7-11 Jan, 2019), and more advanced use cases in Stein-3 (25 Feb - 1 Mar 2019). The effort will be lead by thuydang.

  • Support new resources

Searchlight will focus on the most used resources first [2]. For that, we need investigation.

  • Pre-Upgrade checks

Pre-upgrade checks [5] [6] feature will be released in stein-3. We can look at some of the preliminary works have been proposed [7] [8]

And one more thing... next time, we need to look for another conference solution to provide a better voice/video experience. We may try BlueJeans [9] or Zoom [10].

Ok, that's it. Let's get started!!!