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Upgrade to Ubuntu 13.04 - Fix ImportError in Virtualenv

1. The ImportError: cannot import name MAXREPEAT appears inside a virtualenv environment when I run the command python runserver, after I upgraded my Ubuntu from 12.10 to 13.04. The problem was that Ubuntu 13.04 use python 2.7.4. That makes conflict with the Python version of thevirtualenv

It can be fixed easily by entering the following command:

cp /usr/bin/python /path/to/my/env/bin/

2. ImportError: No module named _sysconfigdata_nd
appears when create a new virtualenv environment: $ virtualenv /.venv/new_env

Fix by create a softlink of module in python2.7 dir:

cd /usr/lib/python2.7
sudo ln -s plat-x86_64-linux-gnu/ .