I've rooted my Android phone

Today, after a while, I decided to root my Lenovo p770 which is running Android v4.1.1.

I followed the guide from the xda forum: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2220275

Here are some issues I faced along the way:

1. At step 4a (Guide for rooting your phone (using CWM) and Google Apps (optionally), install the Root_by_javum.zip file:

When booting to CWM, I saw the menu "apply zip from sdcard" instead of "“install zip from sdcard", and the menus are in yellow or brown color. After awhile re-tried the 3rd step of the guide (3) Guide for Winflash recovery flashing, including CWM (Clockwork Mod Recovery) ), I finally saw the corrected menu ("install zip from sdcard", and the menus are in blue color)

2. Step 4b, install Google play:

Have to start the 3rd step again.

3. After my phone had been rooted, all of apps stopped working:

- I forgot to adjust the correct date/time settings. After set the right date and time, everything was OK.

Now I have a rooted Android mobile phone. I can remove the annoying manufacturer's built-in apps and install some new cool apps.

Remember to backup your things (contacts,...) before doing anything!!! (I've just lost my contacts list in the Sim card :D)