edX-platform - Using the LMS and CMS - July 23, 2013

After deploying the edX-platform, I now can experiment the LMS and CMS (the Studio).

1. Create a course: here are some basic steps and notes

a/ In the Studio (, in my case, I use, login and create a course:

b/ Change settings for the course in Settings >> Schedule & Details:

c/ Create Course's outline (the main content of the course) in Content >> Outline:

d/ Upload the Course's image (which will show on the course page) in Content >> Files & Uploads:

Notes: the image has to be named images_course_image.jpg for the app to understand it as the course's image.

2. User register for the course:

a/ From the course page, enter the course you want

b/ Now, click Register for GENIUS001 and you will be redirected to the dashboard:

c/ Click View Course to access the course's content: you will see the Course Updates & News in the Course Info tab first

d/ Click the Courseware tab, this is the main content of the course, and this is where you'll learn:

3. Errors:

+ (1) If I create a static pages in the Studio for the course:

 an InvalidTabsException exception will raise when the user click View Course from the dashboard:

I assume this is a bug of the platform and trying to fix this. See you tomorrow or the day after tomorrow if I can fix this error!

Update July 24, 2013:
Error (1) is fixed. Just pull latest from master (https://github.com/edx/edx-platform) and create a new course

- Create a static page:

- And in the user (student, LMS) the static page will appear as a new tab: