Ghost - A new blogging platform

A new blogging platform has been launched yesterday, Ghost.

Because It runs on nodejs, I am not surprised when Its performance, speed is pretty good. Installation, configuration are so easy. And what I like most is its design. It is just so beautiful and simple.

With a little changes in the config.js file I can have a fully functional blog (development mode):

config = {
    // ### Development **(default)**
    development: {
        url: 'http://localhost:2368',
        mail: {
              transport: 'SMTP',
              options: {
                  service: 'GMail',
                  auth: {
                      user: '', 
                      pass: 'myPwd' 

Start the blog in development mode by running the following command:

trinh@trinh-pc:/path/to/ghost$ npm start --development

Here are some screenshots: