PowerSchool - Get data in a custom page (HTML)

PowerSchool is a huge student information system which is used worldwide in International Schools. It's not open-source but It provides us a lot of features. One of them is pages customization.

+ In a custom page, you can make a SQL query to get the data. For example: to get all the teachers (staffstatus=1) of Elementary School (schoolid=3) which are still active (status=1), and order the result by last name:

    SELECT DISTINCT t.Last_Name, t.First_Name
    FROM Users t, SchoolStaff ss
    WHERE t.DCID=ss.Users_DCID
        AND ss.StaffStatus=1
        AND ss.Status=1
        AND ss.SchoolID=3
    ORDER BY lower(t.Last_Name)
    <p>~(t.Last_Name), ~(t.First_Name)</p>

(PowerSchool v7.8.2)

PowerSchool's official website: http://www.pearsonschoolsystems.com/products/powerschool/