Just finished the Web Development Course on Udacity

I've just finished the Web Development Course on Udacity (in 7 days :D). I've had a great time to review the process of building a website (a blog) and many other techniques with the experienced instructor, Steve Huffman (founder of Reddit and Hipmunk):

+ Design the database.
+ Design application's workflow
+ Implement handler for each request
+ Mapping request
+ User's data validation (form)
+ Organize code
+ Using memcache
+ Using Google App Engine

The course even gave me a chance to do things that I've never had to create myself before:

- Session management
- User authentication

Because the web framework (Django) does all of those for me.

And greater, I also had an over view of Reddit's architecture, how it works, etc... (everything is open-source)

About the final, I have to do one little trick to make the grader accept my blog:

* sleep 1 second after every query, for example:

class HistoryPage(Handler):
    def get(self, permalink):
        wikis = get_wiki_history(permalink)
        self.render("history.html", wikis=wikis)


 After finishing all the lesions, submitting homeworks, and my final projecgot accepted, I got a certificate with "Highest Distinction" (if I only finish about 80% of the course, I still get a certificate but with "Proficiency" rate only)