Preparing for my PyCon2014 trip

I will attend the PyCon 2014 conference in Montreal, Canada, this April. I can meet the creator of Python and any other superstars in the Python world. And to be able to be there, I need to do something.

First of all, purchase the conference ticket. Luckily, I'm granted the Financial Aid of PyCon2014, so I can attend the conference for free (just the 3 days conference).

Secondly, I have to buy a flight ticket to Montreal to be able to apply for the VISA. The ticket price is so high (around $1600 USD). So, I am applying for the PD fund of my school to support me this. That PD fund plus $100 USD travel grants from the PyCon organizer might give me a break.

Next thing I need to care about is to find a place to stay in Montreal. Fortunately, some friends from the Foulab Makerspace (in Montreal) are willing to accommodate me. I'm just so thankful for that!

And finally, my trip will only be successful if I can get the VISA to Canada. There are a lot of paperworks. So, the only obstacle I have right now is to have a proof of financial support. So, my plan is to borrow some from mom, and fund-raise from whatever sources I can think of (something like freelance project...).

 PyCon 2014

Updates: I fund-raised successfully and had a wonderful conference in Montreal. And, It only costed me less than $200 USD for the whole trip ($10 for the T-Shirt, the rest is for souvenirs, and books)