Redmine - Email notifications are not sent when comment issues via email

In Redmine, user create and comment issues via email like a ticket system using ruby script (rdm-mailhandler) or redmine task (redmine:email:receive_imap) following this article:

Example: getting emails from IMAP server and create or update an issue: create a cronjob to run the following command:

*/30 * * * * rake -f /path/to/redmine/appdir/Rakefile --silent redmine:email:receive_imap RAILS_ENV=production password=xx project=myproject unknown_user=create no_permission_check=1 no_account_notice=1

The above command will fetch emails from IMAP server when a user sent email to the server account ( Read the body, if there is issue id, create a new issue. If the email has id of an existing issue, add the message as an update. In addition, If the sender is not an existing use , it will create a new account without notify the sender.

If the redmine task receive an issue update, it supposes to send email notification to users and watchers of that issue. But if your redmine configuration for smtp is async_smtp_settings, Redmine will not notify users about the new update. So, use this instead:


     delivery_method: :smtp


Note: I'm using Redmine 2.4.1