Google Apps Script - Part 1 - Send email result to selected address after submitting google form (basic)

So, you want to email someone (something like a feedback to that person) whenever you submitting the google form. Here you go, using this google apps script:

1. First, make sure you have already setup the responses spreadsheet and name it, for example: "sheet1".

Look for the spreadsheet ID in the URL. It's something like:


2. Insert a blank column at the end of the responses spreadsheet, e.g column AH (34). Enter this formula in the first row:


"AG" is the column contains email addresses.

3. From the google form edit windows, choose Tools >> Script editor... to open script editor window and input this function:

4. In the Script Editor windows, select Resources >> Current Project's Triggers >> Add a new trigger

5. Go to the live form, and try to submit. Cool!!! \m/