Trying the Taiga project management platform

If you love Agile and looking for a tool to integrate that method into your org, you should try Taiga:

Taiga is an open-sourced project management platform based on Django and AngularJS which are both also open-sourced. It's really easy to get started with Taiga using vagrant thanks to the team:

All you have to do are (you need to have VirtualBox and Vagrant installed on your machine first):

$ git clone
$ cd taiga-vagrant
$ vagrant up

After the provisioning is finished, you can access the platform by opening your browser, enter this address:


The default admin user is admin / 123123

If the vagrant provisioning does not process successfully, you can have a look at the script:

The provision script will clone this taigao-scripts repo and run the

So, go into the virtual machine :

$ cd taiga-vagrant
$ vagrant ssh

and produce the installation step by step... until everything is installed correctly.

Here are some screenshots of the Taiga platform:


  1. Hello,
    Thanks for your post, if i want update the code (front and maybe back), what is the procedure ?
    when i ssh with "vagrant ssh", i found no source code.


    1. Hi,
      You don't need to ssh into vagrant to checkout the source code. It's at /path/to/your/taiga-vagrant/data/ in your host machine.


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