Manage all your WordPress sites in a single dashboard with InfiniteWP

If you have so many WordPress sites to manage like me, you will find yourself getting into trouble when you have to look after every site's updates. plugins, themes... It would be great if we have only one place to manage all the sites. Fortunately, I found a pretty good solution, the InfiniteWP, and it's free. (This's not a rare situation anyway)

InfiniteWP's official website:

Here are the only few things you have to do in order to setup a central place to control all your WordPress sites:

1. In every WordPress site, install the InfiniteWP client plugin:

After you install the plugin, activate it to get the client details:

2. Install the InfiniteWP:

a. Download the InfiniteWP source, unzip, and copy to /var/www/iwp

Download link:

$ unzip
$ sudo cp -R IWPAdminPanel_v2.4.3 /var/www/iwp
$ sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/iwp

b. Create a MariaDB database (my preference) for InfiniteWP:

Database's name: myiwp
Database's user: myiwpuser
Database's user pass: myiwpuserpass

c. Create a nginx server block for InfiniteWP, example:

$ sudo ln -s /etc/nginx/sites-available/iwp /etc/nginx/sites-enable/iwp
$ sudo service nginx restart

d. Open browser, enter "localhost" and install InfiniteWP

3. Manage your WordPress sites:

After you finish installing the software, you have a central dashboard at "localhost":

Click "Add Website"  at the bottom left to add a WordPress site, enter its client details to finish:

After adding all your WordPress sites to the InfiniteWP, you can explore all the goodness such as: backup, restore, update plugins, themes of all the sites...:

You don't have to log-in into to every single WordPress sites to manage them anymore. Basically, you can do almost everything from here. Such a great tool!

It's pretty cool huh?!!!