SMS reminder in Redmine with Google Apps Script

Do you remember how we use Google Apps Script to get SMS notification every time we receive an email? If not, please read this article. It's even cooler if you can take advantage of that script to remind you about Redmine's issues due date.

Even though Redmine already has the email reminder feature which is quite convenient but if you want more, like SMS, here is the hack:

1. Turn on the email reminder feature of Redmine by adding a crontab to run this rake task:

# crontab -e
00 08 * * * /usr/bin/rake redmine:send_reminders days=7 users="12" RAILS_ENV="production"
Everyday at 8AM, it will check Redmine, if there is any issue of mine will due in 7 days (not in closed status), it will email me.

To turn the reminder on for all user, just get rid of the "users" parameter. More details at here.

2. In Gmail, create a filter for all email messages has the following word:

Has the following words: "issue(s) due in the next"

And apply the label "Send SMS" to those messages.

3. Following the instructions on how to get SMS notifications with Google Script from step 2.


Note: to get reminded about the issues's due date, you need to set due date for those issues.