Making vector out of bitmap image using Inkscape

In some cases I also have to do the design part of some websites. Something like logos, banner, t-shirts etc...  The job is way easier with the free open-sourced tool names Inkscape. In this blog post I will show you the technique I used to convert a bitmap image to vector (not pixelated when scaling).

1. Import the bitmap image as embed:

>> File >> Import... >> 

2. Select the image and choose Path >> Trace Bitmap... and set the settings as following:

* Color
* Stack scans
* Scan: 2
* Remove background (to make the background transparent)

>> click Update to preview

>> click OK to apply the trace:

3. Copy the created layer (the black one) into another Inkscape document, save it and you have a vector version of the original bitmap image:

Pretty cool huh? \m/