What is your home?

This is a great talk about "never-give-up" kinda things when pursuing your dream by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of a The New York Times Best Seller book "Eat, Pray, Love". But, to me it's about herself defining home. What is her home? What is your home?

Home is where your heart is, people say. And yes it is. Gilbert's home is writing. That's where her heart is:

"And you have to understand that for me, going home did not mean returning to my family's farm. For me, going home meant returning to the work of writing because writing was my home, because I loved writing more than I hated failing at writing, which is to say that I loved writing more than I loved my own ego, which is ultimately to say that I loved writing more than I loved myself. And that's how I pushed through it."

That is where you go back to whenever you feel bad or in a hard time. It sounds like myself. And I believe you feel that too. I will go back to my blog whenever I'm tired of surrounding noise, whenever I'm sick of hearing other people's opinion..etc. I write one or some tech articles. I feel like home. I'm calm, relaxed, and getting better. That's it. You don't need to go anywhere else. You don't need to find anything else. You just need to be at your "home" to build your dream. One day, It will become a big one.