A pretty neat way to debug WordPress

This morning while trying to debugging a theme I developed for my WordPress blog, I found this pretty cool tool to make the process easier, the WordPress PHP Console:

1. Install the WordPress PHP Console plugin in your WordPress:


2. Setting up:

The most important thing you have to do to make it work is setting the password for WordPress PHP Console:

3. Install the Chrome Extension:


4. Start debugging your WordPress:

+ Open your WordPress site in Chrome
+ Click the 'key' icon at the end of the address bar and sign in

+ Then click the Eval console icon which replaces the key icon after you log-in to open the console. Enter your code here.
+ Press Ctrl+Enter to evaluate PHP code, and see result in JavaScript Console(Ctrl+Shift+J).
+ Press Ctrl+Up or Ctrl+Down to navigate eval history.
+ Don't forget to use "return" to get expression result: return 2 + 2

I love this tool!