My 2015 Spring Break wrap up

What did you do during this Spring Break? Here are several things I accomplished last week:

1. Built the Maker Table for Video Blogging

There're still things need to be improved such as:

  • Better camera mount which can be adjustable easily.
  • Decrease or even get rid of the vibration of the camera when filming.
  • Improve the lightning system to have a better image quality.

Anyway, It looks pretty neat :D

2. Completed the Seth Godin's Freelancer online course on Udemy:

  • Lessons learnt:
Seth worked me through many different situations which inspired and prepared me for the freelancer's work. And what I got after finished this course are how I can control my life better as a human being, not just a freelancer, and how I can make a dent in the universe. You should take this course too!