My first 3D printed model

Oh right, this is my first 3D printed model ever:

These are things that good and not good about this Micro 3D printer at this moment:


  • The printer is small, has elegant design
  • It's not only easy to get up and running, but also so intuitive to operate
  • Quiet when printing
  • The software is quite easy and simple.
  • The printed object is pretty accurate in size and shape (except for the distorted head of the little minion)

Not good:

  • The M3D software does not support Linux yet which made me to go all over my friend house and borrowed his windows computer.
  • For some reasons, the printed model is distorted at the top even though I only printed it at the medium level (It took more than 3 hours).
  • Seem like the complex models like the one I printed here is hard for M3D. The result is not so good as I expected.


  • I guess I need to polish the printed model to remove the protection material surround the object.
  • I will need to upgrade the software and check out the forum more often to get support. I hope that the future object I print will have better shape.
  • In this first try, I load the PLA using the external port, next time I will test the internal PLA loader to see if there is any difference.

This is the model I printed (free downloaded from

Anyway, It's pretty sweet for the first try.