Change the scroll-top behavior of the ckeditor of MindTouch Core 10.1.3

I added a fixed top navigation bar to the theme of my MindTouch Core instance and it overlays the toolbar of the ckeditor when I scroll (because both of them are supposed to be at the top when scrolling). I have to fixed that by hacking into the core javascript of MindTouch for ckeditor:

1. First, we need to beautify the following file (because it was minified):

  • Copy content of mindtouch.js  /path/to/dekiwiki/deki/plugins/page_editor_ckeditor/ckeditor/mindtouch.js
  • Replace the minified content with the beautify one into mindtouch.js

2. Next, go to line 737 and change as following:

                if (g < l) {
                        // this will 
                        j = g - i + 55;

3. Done