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Remove the ending character (delimiter) of the breadcrumb in MindTouch Core 10.1.3

To remove the ending character (the delimiter, ">") of the breadcrumb in MindTouch Core (v10.1.3), you can do the following:

1. Open this file /path/to/dekiwiki/includes/Skin.php:

$ nano /path/to/dekiwiki/includes/Skin.php

2. Go to line 168 and remove the special character output (in red color):

        function getHierarchy() {
                $parents = $this->getParents();
                $rootNode = count($parents) == 1;
                //special case; when you're on the home page, let's add an extra delimiter at the end, so it doesn't look like freestanding text
                if ($rootNode) {
                        $parents[] = '';
                return is_array($parents) 
                        ? '<span class="dw-hierarchy">'.implode(' '.htmlspecialchars(wfMsg('Skin.Common.breadcrumb-delimiter')).' ', $parents).'</span>'
                        : '';