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Using Google Translate in your command line

It sounds pretty cool huh? Yes, it is. This project brings the translation service of Google down to your command line:

1. Install translate-shell the easiest way:

$ cd /some/path/
$ wget
$ chmod +x ./trans

2. Add /some/path/ to your PATH:

$ nano ~/.bashrc


$ source ~/.bashrc

3. Start translating, example:

$ trans fr:vi "je t'aime"

the result will be:

je t'aime

tôi yêu bạn

Translations of je t'aime
[ Français -> Tiếng Việt ]

je aime te
    tôi yêu bạn, anh yêu em, tôi yêu em, I love you, Em yêu anh

For more command, please read the instructions at: