Displaying Bell Schedule info on admin and teachers pages header of PowerSchool

It's quite useful displaying the bell schedule info of the day on the admin and teachers pages's header in PowerSchool. Here is how to do it:

1. Go to PS Administrator >> Custom Pages

2. Add this following code to wildcards/admin_header_css.txt and wildcards/teacher_header_css.txt

<span id="ssis-date" style="padding-right:20px;">
~[tlist_sql; select b.name as name, listagg(p.ABBREVIATION || ',') WITHIN GROUP ( ORDER BY bi.START_TIME) AS periods
    from ps.calendar_day c inner join ps.BELL_SCHEDULE b on c.BELL_SCHEDULE_ID = b.ID
        inner join ps.BELL_SCHEDULE_ITEMS bi on bi.BELL_SCHEDULE_ID = b.ID
        inner join ps.PERIOD p on p.ID = bi.PERIOD_ID
        and c.SCHOOLID = ~(curschoolid)
    group by b.name; ]
    <span style="color:#195f7d">~(name):</span> ~(periods)

Requirement:  you have to setup the calendar for the day with a bellschedule (https://your.ps.addr/admin/schoolsetup/calendarsetup/calendarsetup.html)