"So You Don't Get Lost in the Neighbourhood"

Shot with Canon Canonet QL GIII camera & Kodak 200 film

In an early morning in January 2017, I was standing outside a makeup shop waiting for my girlfriend. I was surprised by the fact that the shop is my childhood's friend's house. The make up lady is her mother.

The lady told me about how her daughter's life's going with a warm voice that makes everyone comfortable. In that moment, I felt the time flies very fast... It's just like Yesterday, the last day I saw my friend. We're just little kids sharing food to each other and keep laughing about silly things. I'd never come to her house because at that point in time, I was a little bit shy. That day on January, I visited her place accidentally the first time but her mother said that she went abroad several years ago with her husband to settle a new life.

I've visited the neighborhood so many times in my life but that was the first time I saw something. The thing that I missed so many times. Was it my friend or was it my childhood or was it the image of myself that stucked in my mind that day? Maybe it's just a reality that I've never noticed because I'm always living in the dreams with the speed of modern life. I don't know.  Maybe I just need to slow down a little bit to see more things, to enjoy more things in a world that never stops moving.

Leaving that house, I moved forward with many turns ahead.