Import patrons background task not working in Destiny after deploying SSL

After applying SSL to our Follet's Destiny (library management system) server, the background task to import and update patron from csv files stop working. We spent several days trying to figure out why but not luck. Then accidentally I fixed it simply by these steps:

Assuming my Destiny server is at

1. Change the C:\Follett\FSC-Destiny\fsc\bin\


2. Run  C:\Follett\FSC-Destiny\fsc\bin\config.bat

3. Add this line to the C:\\WINDOWS\System32\drivers\etc\hosts file of the server:

Save and exit

4. Login to Destiny using the administrator account, go to Setup:

Scroll down to the bottom and click Download.

5. Extract everything and copy them to C:\Follett\FSC-Destiny\fsc\automate\

6. Restart Destiny from the Windows's Services program.