Reset the containerized OpenStack Dashboard admin's password using JuJu

If you're running a containerized OpenStack's architecture (e.g. conjure-up will deploy OpenStack this way), you must have a tool to orchestrate all the containers. I'm using Ubuntu's JuJu and really love it. For example, in order to reset the OpenStack Dashboard admin's password, I don't have to directly go into the keystone service to do that, I just run this from the host machine:

1. Find the machine's number and ip address on which the keystone installed

$ juju machines

For example, the machine number is 9, ip address is

2. Reset the admin's password to 12345678 (the default user is admin): 

$ juju run "sudo keystone --os-auth-url= --os-endpoint= --os-token=48FM7htnHkxxHkNT2RmMNxwpYRRcnmp8dbghtwMYWcg2BRRs9qmcMMtRww8tTCZ4 user-password-update --pass 12345678 admin" --machine=9