Openstack Pike (deployed by Kolla-Ansible) can not delete instance from dashboard and how to fix

I's trying to delete an compute instance in an OpenStack environment deployed using Kolla-Ansible from the dashboard but helpless. The instance kept saying error... Then I have to do this workaround to delete it: directly from the database (MariaDB)

1. First login to the bash shell of the nova-compute instance:

$ docker exec -it <id or name of the nova docker instance> /bin/bash

2. Go to mariadb console using the password generated when I ran kolla-ansible (/etc/kolla/passwords.yml):

$ mysql -u root -p

3. Run these command to delete the instance:

use nova;

update instances set deleted_at = updated_at,  deleted = id,  power_state = 0,  vm_state = "deleted",  terminated_at = updated_at,  root_device_name = NULL,  task_state = NULL  where  deleted = 0;

update instance_info_caches set deleted_at = updated_at, deleted = id where deleted = 0;