How to hide the "Manage databases" link from the Odoo's login link

There is one dangerous setting in Odoo that beginners like me hardly notice: the "Manage databases" link on the login link. Follow that link you will be able to know the database name, create new databases, destroy the current one etc... Even though it may require a master password for all the operations, exposing those functionalities to the public is quite dangerous. Here is how you can hide that link:

1. Edit the odoo's setting:

sudo nano /etc/odoo/odoo.conf

2. Modify this line as follows:

list_db = False

3. Save and restart odoo

sudo systemctl restart odoo

Notes: For those who run odoo in docker, follow these steps instead:

1. Copy the odoo's setting file to the host machine:

docker cp 05829b85c385:/etc/odoo/odoo.conf .

2. Edit the file like above

3. Copy the setting file back to the odoo docker instance:

docker cp odoo.conf 05829b85c385:/etc/odoo/odoo.conf

4. Restart docker instances (including Postgres instance)

sudo systemctl restart odoo

(I made a systemd startup script to start the docker instances here)