Deploy OpenWRT as DHCP and DNS VNF on OpenStack Tacker

The OpenWRT management driver of Tacker VNFM currently only supports the firewall and network service. That raises a need to update that driver so that we can deploy more network services as VNF using OpenWRT. So to achieve the goal of this blog post, I have to do as follow:

1. Update the OpenWRT VNFM management driver. I just submitted a blueprint on launchpad to work on it. Hopefully, it will be approved soon:

Code review:

Here is a quick change: modify this file /opt/stack/tacker/tacker/vnfm/mgmt_drivers/openwrt/ at line 94

                KNOWN_SERVICES = ('firewall', 'network') 
                KNOWN_SERVICES = ('firewall', 'network', 'dnsmasq') 

2. Use this VNFD template to deploy the DHCP and DNS services on Tacker

Notice: I do not test this yet, use it at your own risk.