Deploy OpenWRT as NAT VNF on OpenStack Tacker

The opensource project for router OpenWRT is quite powerful which can be used to deploy as VNF in OpenStack Tacker. Here is a sample of VNF template (VNFD) which will be used to deploy NAT service in Tacker using OpenWRT.

Basically, the VNF will apply 2 NAT rules:

1. Redirect all requests to port 80 of any clients on the 'wan' interface of the OpenWRT to port 80 of the client with IP address which is linked to the 'lan' interface.

2. Redirect all requests to port 22001 of any client on the wan interface to port 22 of  any clients on the 'lan' interface of the VNF.

Note: Please read the official OpenStack documentation on how to deploy the VNF.