How to dev a new Horizon dashboard without devstack/fullstack OpenStack

Everybody knows the easiest way to build a new Horizon dashboard is to use devstack. But, devstack requires a number of resources (16GB of RAM for a workable devstack in my experience). So what can you do if you only have a laptop with 4-8GB RAM? Easy, easy, follow these setups:

1. Install keystone (the minimum requirement of Horizon):

Follow this official instruction:

Read these blog posts to fix some issues:

2. Install Horizon:

Follow this official instruction to install Horizon on your computer:

3. Building your own dashboard:

Using this document:


  • You may have to install additional services if your dashboard needs to communicate with those ones (e.g: tacker, nova...)
  • Or, if you already have an OpenStack server (devstack/fullstack) you can connect you local Horizon instance to that server by modifying these settings in your

OPENSTACK_HOST = "<ip of a working openstack instance>"

4. Change the world