Open Source MANO VNF onboarding tool

If you're working in the telco industry, you may realize an exciting race what is happening. It's the NFV Orchestration and Management (MANO) system. The origin of that is ETSI's work on the NFV MANO specification. After ETSI released the spec, many organizations have been trying to implement its own NFV MANO system including OpenStack Tacker, OPNFV, ONAP, and ETSI itself also adopted an open source project called Open Source MANO (OSM). I will explore a tool called VNF Descriptor Generator of OSM in this blog post.

What is VNF Descriptor Generator?

It's a web interface that helps you to generate VNF and NS Descriptor packages ready for launch (onboarding). By filling out all the information of your VNFs in the web form, the tool will provide you a VNFD package and an NSD package for you to download. This helps you to avoid typos and misconfiguration when you have to prepare the package manually.

1. In your OSM web interface, go to launchpad, VNF Descriptor generator, fill out your VNF information:

2. Click submit and the system will show you the download link of the VNF and NS packages. For example:



3. Go to OSM Launchpad Composer, upload the downloaded packages to onboard your NS and VNF


* I'm using's tool for this blog post.

* Compare to OpenStack Tacker, currently in Tacker you have to prepare the VNFD, VNFFGD, NSD yaml files yourself. Fortunately, there's an effort made by myself to develop a web tool for Tacker with a nice interface to help users design those templates visually and avoid mistakes. I call it the Tacker Studio and my plan is to finish it before OpenStack Summit Vancouver 2018 this May. In the meantime, you can follow up with that here.