Searchlight at Stein-2 (R-14 & R-13)

Finally, we have reached the Stein-2 milestone. Over the past three months, we have been working on clarifying the use cases of Searchlight as well as envisioning a sustainable future for Searchlight. We decided to make the project a multi-cloud application that can provide search capacity across multiple cloud orchestration platforms (e.g., AWS, Azure, K8S, etc.). The effort was made possible by the contribution of Thuy Dang (our newest core member) and Sa Pham [3]. You can check out the documents at [4].

The projects are versioned as following:
  • searchlight:
  • searchlight-ui:
python-searchlightclient wasn't released in this milestone because there were no big changes.

Here are the major changes included in this release:
  • Searchlight use cases and vision [1]
  • Fix bug [2]
Let's searching!!!