VietOpenInfra Meetup #20 29th Dec. 2018

Last Saturday, in an effort to advocate for the open infrastructure initiative, I went back to Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam, to organize the 20th meetup of the VietOpenInfra group. Usually, the event took place in Ha Noi where most of the Vietnamese OpenStackers are. But this time, we would want to expand the community to the South because we know there are a lot of open infrastructure enthusiasts here and this could be a great chance for us to strengthen the community across the country.

There were about 15 people sitting in a nice conference room of a coffee shop sharing what they are working on. We had one member of the VietOpenInfra board traveled here to discuss what the group achieved last year (2018). I also had a talk about my plan for OpenStack Searchlight and what it means to build a universal search interface for the cloud. The disaster recovery and k8s topics also got huge attention from the audience when the speakers sharing some interesting real-life experience.

Even though there were only a few people attended the meetup, we got positive feedbacks and comments from the community. This is our last event for 2018 and prepared us for new challenges and opportunities of 2019. Hopefully, we can keep the energy and introduce the open infrastructure to many more corners of Vietnam in the year to come and would make the world a better place.

You can find the video here [1] and the slides here [2].